What is the best Walkie Talkie for Kids?

A walkie-talkie is a communication tool that was invented in the Second World War. It is a hand-held device initially used by soldiers to communicate to the base, their platoon leaders or their teammates. It can capture the signal even in long ranges which is helpful especially back to the time when mobile phones were not yet invented. Now, walkie-talkies are still being used all over the world by many. And yes, even kids.

Walkie talkies have evolved with the best of technology, and even kids have the opportunity to play and learn about the device. Many toy companies have seen the benefits of producing and selling walkie-talkies not only to their business but also to the household that the toys go to.

Walkie Talkie Benefits for Parents and Kids

Like other educational toys, these toys also have benefits when kids learn how to use them. Toy companies have designed walkie talkie toys that are colorful, easy to use and child-friendly. Among the many benefits that a mom or dad and the kids can have are:

  1. Kids can learn and appreciate technology at an early age. Today’s generation is very advanced when it comes to technology. Starting your kids early with the right devices can set them off the right direction.
  2. Kids will learn the value of communication. Playing with their friends using the walkie-talkie, especially role-playing games, kids will learn that communication is a key ingredient to make something happen.
  3. Walkie talkies are an interesting toy for kids. Parents, take note. If you are busy inside the house or you have visitors over, these toys can take your child’s attention for a while. And while they play with their playmates or your visitors’ kids, you can have your own time, too.
  4. Parents can use these toys to bond with their kids. Talking to them and playing using the walkie-talkie can be a fun and refreshing activity for you and the kids.

Technology and Toys

Children also catch up with the best of technology today. Toys are so much different now than what we had when we were younger. Unlike before, when long range and waterproof walkie talkies are only available for adults and professionals, they are now also available as toys.

  • Long range walkie talkies. These are ideal for families who love to go out and have a picnic in the park or the mountains. Some walkie-talkies can reach long ranges and can help parents keep track of their kids. Among the best selling brands are: 




    • Motorola walkie talkies are the best selling brands of walkie-talkies, with ranges that can reach up to 35 miles and available in different designs.
    • KidzLane Durable Walkie Talkie. This can reach up to 2 miles in range and can broadcast up to 3 channels. The device is also inclusive of useful parts such as clip-on belt holder and an LED indicator.
    • Retevis Portable Kids Walkie Talkie. This brand of walkie talkie can reach up to 3000 to 8000 feet range. The toy is available in different colors which can best suit what your kids like.
    • Spy Gear Ultra Range Walkie Talkie can reach up to 2 miles in range. The designs look high end, and mechanical which is ideal for boys.
  • Water proof walkie talkies are Ideal for a holiday at the beach or on a rainy or wet season. 




    • Motorola has a waterproof feature and is the bestselling brand in the world of walkie-talkies. Apart from the long ranges, it also offers a waterproof feature.
    • Midland is also another bestselling brand when it comes to walkie-talkies. It has a waterproof feature and has a long range as well.

Walkie talkies are innovative and educational for children. It can help a household in more ways and having one at home can be beneficial not only for the kids’ enjoyment but also for the parents.

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