Voice Activated Walkie Talkie Products Review

Cell phones and the latest mobile gadgets may be the most sought-after devices for communication purposes in this generation; however, there are other gadgets that can provide the same purpose and result. Different devices have different ways of working but all the same, they were meant to provide clear and fast communication.

Mobile phones may seem to be the most convenient portable gadget as of today, but there are some functions that only two-way radio technology like walkie-talkies can provide and mobiles cannot. For instance, when a couple of hikers are on a trip for a mountain hike, they will not be able to bring or use their phones due to the lack of a cell site.

On the side note, providers also tend to overcharge for international outgoing services. Would it not be better to use a voice-activated walkie talkie meant for long ranges whenever you are abroad so that you can monitor your companions easier with no charge at all?

Top-Rated Voice Activated Walkie Talkies

Motorola – Talkabout 22 Channel FRS/GMRS 2-Way Radio

Motorola TalkaboutThis simple device can make you keep in touch with your hiking or camping buddies effortlessly and quite clearly! The Motorola model has 2-way radios that have 22 channels along with 7 NOAA channels that you can tune in for emergency and weather information updates. In its package, it includes an owner’s manual, 2 NIMH batteries, a mini USB charger, 1 charging adapter, two belt clips, an emergency preparedness checklist and the pair of Motorola Talkabout – 22 Channel FRS/GMRS 2-way radio pair.

It is capable of reaching up to a 35-mile range, depending on the weather condition and terrain. It also has 20 call tones that can let you identify your different contacts and an emergency alert button that is capable of transmitting an alert call followed by incidental sounds or spoken transmissions. This model is water-resistant, which means that you can bring this along on trekking trips.

TD-V32 scramble function VOX Radio Portable Voice Activated Walkie Talkie

TD-V32The TD-V32 model is a portable walkie-talkie that can be voice activated by the user. It has 199 channels, water protection with class IP66 and a newly developed matrix LCD. It is only 190 grams in weight which allows you to tuck it in with you wherever you wish to go, may it be on camping, hiking or school field trips. It has a frequency range of 136-174 MHz and 445-520 MHz.

Its main features would include low battery alert, auto-power saving, emergency alarm, large capacity li-ion battery, CTCSS/DCS, a wide communication coverage, a busy channel lockout, an FM radio, a wider band coverage, and a voice-operated transmission. The design is meant to be rugged but durable yet it is tough and resistant to rain.

TG- K200

TG- K200The TG-K200 is a product of Fujian China that was assembled to be durable in anywhere it is used and brought. It is a voice-activated walkie-talkie with an FM radio, PMR 466 LPD 433 and a 2W compact mini design. It has numerous functions such as a CTCSS/DCS, a battery capacity indicator, a jacklight, a scanning list edit function, a voice prompt, and a dual watch operation. It also has VOX function, busy channel lock, an adjustable squelch level, a programmable PC, 100 channel capacity and a 1750 Hz call tone.

These models may all look simple, yet they are meant for rough adventures and busy outdoor tasks. One of their main features is being a compact, durable device that any outdoor lover and adventurer will need. When shopping for voice-activated walkie-talkies, it is best to know the features and specifications that you will need the most so that you can get the model that will best suit your purpose.


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