Retevis H777 Review

An easy to use two-way radio suited for all ages is something that is family friendly. Retevis H777, for instance, is essential for camping and similar outdoor activities especially when you feel you need to be always in contact with them. This is an easy to use walkie-talkie which is as well perfect for service industry such as hotels, restaurants, and supermarket. Due to its range coverage of up to 5 kilometers in plain areas, this is one reliable two-way radio; anybody should have.


Hand-held mobile normally comes with possibly difficult programming, and it so happens that this is not one of them. This radio comes with an earpiece for the convenience of users. Here is a short list of good points this purchase can give you:

  1. LED torch for easy and brighter vision in dark environment.
  2. Easy to program unit does not require high-end technical knowledge.
  3. Long standby time means longer and better use.
  4. When mobile, the radio still works as is provided there is no direct damage on it.


Above are some good reasons to prove that Retevis H777 is a reasonable purchase. On the other hand, there are also a few things that you need to know about the same item when compared to the others in the market. Here are some of them:

  1. When there are huge concrete buildings or tall trees in between, static is all you can hear.
  2. Although earpieces are supposed to work as a bonus, it is painful when worn over time.

Where to buy?

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Weighing the obvious difference between the Pros and Cons of the product, it is obvious why a good number of customers have purchased and reviewed the items well and is so vocal about saying they would recommend it to friends and other friends. Good radio is perfect for a good close or far ranges communication.

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