Motorola XTR446 review

Motorola XTR446

Another feather to the cap, Motorola’s venture the Motorola XTR446, a wireless radio that makes a revolution in the industry. If you are looking for something that does not burn a hole in your pocket, you must consider this new launch as an option.

One does not require a license to own these, nor do you require a contract. This gives you the freedom from airtime charges, license, and contracts. Can be put to good use in retail and hospital industries. Has the excellent quality of voice, ideal for crisp communication.


  • Coverage is extremely good, even up to 3 to 4 floors. Crisp lines.
  • Very light and ideal for a radio
  • Battery life is quite good
  • Durable and extremely strong
  • No license required
  • No Contracts required
  • No air time charges
  • Looks trendy


  • 0.5 w output , sometimes batter can be unpredictable too

General information

A Wireless Walkie – Talkie that is cost effective and would achieve the crisp communication at a very affordable price, if your industry demands radio fleet then this should attract you, these are weather resistant and ideal for all kinds of weather. The coverage is extremely good, and is said to work perfectly working in damp and tough conditions.


It has a rubber antenna that is quite strong and has a sixteen-hour charging time. An extremely simple gadget and easy to use also ensuring at the same time that is trendy, feels good in the hand and does not feel heavy making it very easy to handle and portable. Setting up this device is extremely easy and can be done in no time. The screen of the wireless talkie is very clear, you can use this even for baby monitoring as it can be very effective and provide accurate sound changes.


Headsets are compatible and can be used; the quality of voice transmission does not depreciate with the use of headsets. The jack is apt and perfect for a walkie talkie in this range.


Motorola XTR446 is affordable and would be apt for any working environment, it is one of the most attractive radios in this range that comes overloaded with so smart features. It wins extra goodie points for being lightweight and can be easily carried anywhere you wish to take it. The device is made up of material with high tensile strength, making it more durable under any weather condition. One can say that is highly recommendable. The volumes are quite high and the quality of the voice that is transmitted is of very good quality making it the right choice for radio fleet work.

Key specifications

  • Brand: Motorola Two Way
  • Battery: 18 Hours of Battery Life
  • Coverage: 8 km however it could vary depending on the terrain conditions
  • Model: Motorola XTR446
  • Type: Wireless
  • Jack Type: Single Pin for the headset jack
  • Battery type:  Nickel Metal Hydride
  • Height: 118mm
  • Width: 55mm
  • Weight with battery: 171 -174 grams
  • Ideal for: Hotel industry, Hospitals, Retail, Departmental stores, Fairs and Events, Security Agents, Baby Monitoring, Factories
  • Price range: £ 121 approximate
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