Motorola GP300 review

Motorola GP300

Motorola launched GP300 walkie-talkie some years back, and still, it is considered as the best two-way communication radio device. You can see this device in the hands of engineers at construction sites, set managers using it at movie shooting, in the security sector, etc. Let us see the reasons for its tremendous success.

Design and Reliability:

Motorola took extra care in the design aspect of this model and by looking at this device only; one can feel the power of it because of its steady and muscular design. It is considered the best choice in the limited budget because of its reliability. As it is a very old model, it has only eight communication channels, which work seamlessly in any environment. The battery of this device is a bit pricey, and once you buy the battery, it can work for three to four years without any problem. The maximum range of communication using VHF is 8-10 miles whereas in the UHF mode one can communicate within the range of 1-1.5 miles.


  • If you have some programming knowledge, you can change the number of channels to 16.
  • Motorola warranty option enables low maintenance for this device
  • Very lightweight and gripping design make it easy to carry.
  • You will not find any discomfort even after using this device for long hours.
  • There are instances where users are using GP300 from the last twenty years.
  • Because of its robust design quality, it can even work after falling from your hand once or twice.
  • Accessories of this device like mic, antenna, and battery are still manufactured by Motorola, and they are freely available in the market.


  • Motorola released this device some 20 years back. Therefore, devices with several advanced features came into the market during this period.
  • It has no digital display, which has become a basic feature these days.
  • Some channels present for communication are very less.
  • It is suitable for short-range communication only.

Extra features:

  • The price of this model is low and it is considered as one of the cheapest two-way communication radio devices available.
  • Like all the olden devices, the design and the material used in it is very strong, and even after years of usage also you will get the same feeling of the first touch.
  • After reprogramming, it can work with NOAA and 2M frequencies.
  • You can even install a battery of 1900mAh capacity in this device.

Released more than 20 years ago, this device is still considered as one of the best devices for two-way communication possible. You can get this device at a range of 150USD from all the online shopping marts, and anything more than $200 is not worth. For those, who need two-way radio communication walkie-talkie go for this one, and you won’t regret your selection ever. Several imitation products that look similar to this one are available in the market, so one needs to be careful. Go for the authenticated Motorola products even if it costs a bit higher as it provides reliable, uninterrupted communication.

Customer Reviews

Motorola had produced what I believe to be the best radio when they came up with the Motorola GP300. It is quite a durable piece of equipment. As an amateur radio operator, I have noticed how perfect the VHF is for accessing distant repeaters. And by distant, I mean about nine or 10 miles away. Its UHF is amazing as well. I use it for a local hotel security job, and I have managed to get around 1.22 miles out of it, or probably even 2 miles if my suspicions are correct.

I was able to score a couple off of eBay with an average selling price of $50, and they all work fine. I can even say flawlessly. There are even sellers who are willing to program it for free.

Admittedly, it is not the lightest thing to carry around. But if you work in security or law enforcement and you have a gun that won’t work, you will most likely be saved by this radio.

I received an eight-channel VHF a couple of months ago as a gift. It was made in Germany in the year 1997, and I just had to replace the batteries with a 1900 mAh GP industrials and have it programmed at the local Motorola dealer before I got it to work. But after two weeks with it, I was just completely impressed that I even sold the Yaesu VX-170 that I used to use. I had no use for it anymore.

The GP300 was built with an incredibly strong housing, a much louder RX audio, better TX audio, almost Hi-Fi sound, and with a much better range. I know it is quite big and heavy to carry around and you require a computer to change squelch settings, but I don’t care about that.

This amazing radio is evidence of how Motorola can make such great two-way radios with extraordinary radios. Audio is just nice and solid. I use one with UHF 15 or 16 channels that has scan enabled. I use it mostly to monitor local fire alerts and a few local 440 machines. It comes with me when I do yard work because I am not afraid to “hurt” this unit, unlike the HT1250 that I have.

Here in Honduras, I sell the Motorola GP300 as rebuilds for the commercial two-way radio business that I own. I like how these units are built to be strong and can willingly take the abuse. What I don’t like about it is its lack of features for someone who uses a Ham radio. I also am not a fan of the fact that you need to program these using software, RIBLESS, and on a computer. If you are new to this, you would probably end up paying for it than what you anticipated.

But if you are in this business and have all the necessary programs and services this two-way radio is going to require, the GP300 is a dream to have. Looking for units in good condition on eBay is possible. You can purchase one anywhere from the $100 to the $175 price range. I advise you do not go for anything more than that.

I got my GP300 brand new back in 1993 and used it mostly as a portable radio for a law enforcement job. I had 2M ham frequencies programmed into it as well. When I retired about ten years ago, I had it reprogrammed to include all NOAA and 2M frequencies. And yes, it still works much like the champion that it is, even after a few accidents that would have probably spelled the end for lesser equipment.

Accessories like replacement antennas and mic speakers are still available. And while the pricey Motorola battery pack can last long, I discovered that the aftermarket ones usually don’t have good battery life.

While I use three other walkie-talkies, I still prefer to use the Motorola GP300 for local work. It’s a bummer that the radio needs programming accessories to set it up. I had to build my programming interface when before Motorola could reprogram it for me when I needed without charging me for it.

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