Motorola EP450 review

Motorola EP450

One of the best and most competitive in the market, and is a product that is highly recommended for all ground workers and those who wish to have the luxury of using this beautiful Talkie. Extremely convenient and fits your budget, handy and trendy both at the same time. The batteries need comparatively longer time to charge however owing to the other good features this can be ignored — ideal for any kind of weather conditions that one expects to work in. The price range is mind-blowing for the features it comes packed with.


  • The emergency alert feature
  • Ideal for every weather condition
  • 9 hours of battery life (Could have been better)
  • Large display size(Looks attractive)
  • Durable and extremely strong
  • It is easy to charge
  • No Contracts required
  • No need of any audio accessory
  • Feels good in hands
  • Attractive and easily portable
  • Crisp connection


  • Difficult to program
  • The battery drains fast
  • Controls are little complicated
  • User friendliness could have been better
  • A long time is taken for battery charging

General information

This device takes a little longer than other similar devices that are available in the market, however even after it is charged fully once; it stays only for a little amount of time. Once you get your hands on this device, it would take you some time to completely get the hang of it, as the controls are not user-friendly. However, you would easily adapt to the new device over a short period. The clarity in voice and the quality of communication deserve to applaud as it serves the purpose well. The emergency alert feature also needs to be credited, as it is a well-thought feature. One does not require any additional accessory. The easy portable facility is very attractive, and the design is eye-catching.


Not necessary to have an accessory. However, the compatible jack ensures that in case you would like to have the convenience of a headset, you can do so.


Reliable, convenient, and attractive, there are quite a good number of features and reasons to choose to buy this product. If you look for durability and appeal, then this device is an ultimate option. There is no need to invest in a contract and any additional accessories; the quality is at its best considering the price range. The durability is another additional feature that gives you yet another reason to consider this option. The coverage is of high quality and would be very handy when it comes to wide ways one can utilize this, especially for baby monitoring; it comes as a real blessing to expecting and new parents.

Key specifications:

  • Brand: Motorola Two Way
  • Battery: Up to 19 hours
  • Coverage: CTCSS signaling (Private Line)
  • Model: Motorola CP040
  • Frequency range: VHF, UHF
  • Jack Type: Single Pin for the headset jack
  • Battery type:  Slim Li-Ion battery
  • Height: 130 mm
  • Width:  62 mm
  • Depth: 42 mm
  • Weight with battery: 376g (with a standard battery option)
  • Ideal for: Family and friends Vacation trips, Baby monitoring, Hotel industry, Clinic and Hospitals, Retail, Departmental stores, Fairs and Events, Security Agents, Baby Monitoring, Factories
  • Price range: US$ 299.99 approximate
  • Number of channels: 16 channels
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