Motorola CP200 review

Motorola CP200

In the areas where the constant two-way communication is required CP200 Walkie-Talkie developed by Motorola is the perfect option. Let us have a detailed look at this product.


This is one of the basic models available for two-way communication. It is aimed to provide basic communication over short-range distances. It provides clear and crisp talking experience even in the noisy environments like stadiums, movie sets, meetings, etc. It works on 438 to 470 segments, and one can choose bandwidth channels such as 12.5/20/25kHz. CP200 is available in two models, i.e., 4W UHF and 5W VHF. One can choose from these two models based on the usage, battery requirements, and recharging capabilities. Motorola took extreme care on the privacy settings, and these radio devices are extremely tough to interpret.


CP2000 comes with Lithium-ion battery, and as per the Motorola’s specification, it can give 11 hours of talk time. During the practical usage, the results are extreme closer, and for those who need to talk a bit longer during their work like construction engineers, movie set managers, event organizers; this thing extremely helpful.


  • Similar to its outer look; it is muscular, durable and long lasting.
  • It gives a high-quality performance in the critical/noisy environments also.
  • This is extremely easy to use, and it allows two-way communication.
  • If you have Motorola compatible software (which is generally given to buyers by Motorola), you can program this device.
  • Very lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Because of its gripping design, it will not slip from your hand easily.
  • It suits for rough usage also.


  • There are several devices available in the market with advanced features in the same price range.
  • MotoTURBO Digital version is not present in this device
  • This is an older model, and Motorola released so many similar devices after this model.
  • You need to get a license to operate these devices.


Unique Features:

It has more than 128 conventional channels, and the group talk function is rarely seen in this type of devices.
Options like the auto scan and user-editable scan list make it extremely user-friendly.
This is designed with full keypad similar to mobile phones of olden days. So one can easily set the radio call encoding.
Features like Push to talk-ID, selective call, etc. make the communication quick and efficient.
This comes with Motorola’s two-year warranty. So one can use this device without any worries.
This device can work in harsh weather conditions like hot, snow, rain and freezing winters.
This device is perfect for educational, business, hospital sectors, etc. If your usage is limited and you are looking for a basic walkie-talkie, go for this one. This is very economical and meets all your expectations. Beware of duplicate products and buy it from an authenticated store or dealer for quality performance. On a scale of 5, the talkie successfully earns a 3 pointer, owing to its sturdy built and years of customer satisfaction.

Customer Review

The CP200 is quite durable and can take a beating. I use it in quite a harsh environment, and it provides me with top-notch service. But the best thing about it has to be the customer service we got and the price of the unit! We managed to talk to a very helpful sales representative who kindly helped us place our order and got the units to us. I am very satisfied with this model.

My main occupation is operating a house rental service that mostly caters to Hollywood television shows. I can say that since I got the Motorola CP200, I’ve had less trouble with it than with any other walkie talkie I’ve used. I can easily recommend this for anyone who needs a durable, rugged, and most importantly, easy-to-use two-way radio.


This model that can run on either four watts or reduced power works quite well if you program it for local repeaters. You can even choose if you will use it for different bandwidth channels such as 12.5/20/25kHz. It is a pretty basic device with its channel knobs that have numbers, but it does have a few added features on it. I like it. There are even tons of accessories available online. And I have to say that Motorola CP200 that can work on the 438 to 470 segments can be programmed for ham 440 without any need for mods or any other changes. You can even put the PL tone in tx or txrx if you want.

The CP200TM portable two-way radio offers increased communication flexibility with features such as push-to-talk ID and selective call. Powerful audio output penetrates noisy environments, providing clear, crisp audio at any volume. A lightweight, ergonomic design makes this radio comfortable to carry and operate.

To provide the range that’s best for your business, the CP200 radio is available in both 4W UHF and 5W VHF models. A range of battery choices and rapid recharging capabilities help ensure radio readiness.

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