Midland X-Tra Talk GMRS 2-Way Radio Review

Midland X-Tra Talk GMRS

A 2-way radio loaded with great features would be perfect for any outdoor trip with the family or an industrial service provider. For one, Midland X-Tra Talk GMRS 2-Way Radio is beneficial and operational as it has 50 channels working within the 30-mile radius. This comes with high and low settings, privacy codes, and weather alert. This is waterproof, so you are worry-free in cases of water drips and unexpected drops. It also comes with an SOS siren for a possible emergency, whispers call when necessary, and group call, in case of group outing or event.



Considering the features of this 2-Way radio, you can tell whether your purchase will be worth the money you are about to spend or otherwise. Moreover, here are some of the good benefits Midland X-Tra Talk GMRS has:

  1. 10 Call Alerts that is easy to memorize and remember.
  2. A dual watch and vibration alert for timekeeping purposes.
  3. SOS siren for emergency scenarios requiring assistance or vice versa.
  4. Waterproof to keep it working still even in moist or dripping areas.
  5. Comes with boom mic headsets for better audio and clearer communication.
  6. AC wall adapter and DC vehicle adapter for the user convenience.


The number of reasons necessary for customers to be happy with their purchase is reflected on the previous experiences of other buyers. On the contrary, here are very few flaws that users claim this 2-Way radio has:

  1. The battery on first use can likely last for only an hour.
  2. No external light feature, unlike most handheld radios.
  3. The boom mike has only limited range to capture voice, so you have to speak directly onto it.


Regarding programming, maneuvering, and setting up, this is very handy in the sense that even a 7-year old can figure it out. Generally, this is one good purchase in exchange for the money you will be paying and this is likely to last for years.

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