Midland radio

Let’s talk about Midland radio. Communication is an important ant bit in all your outdoor adventures. Whether you are high up in the mountains or deep down in the Everglades, you need to be connected all the time with your team. This is where the Midland GXT comes in handy as it lets you stay in touch with your teammates and is also well equipped with many features.

Hunting Safety

The Midland GXT, model GXT785VP3 42 Channel GMRS/FRS Radio has 20 extra channels for increased privacy and an astounding 34-mile coverage. With a special feature of the animal call alerts, you can rest assured of any impending danger from a wild animal and can avert it accordingly. The Midland GXT1000VP4 boasts of a 35-mile range with 50 channels.

Adverse Weather Conditions

The good news is that Model LXT480VP3 is weatherproof and comes with a built weather scan to help you know the weather beforehand. Whether it is raining or snowing the Midland Radio is performing at its peak. There is no need to run looking for a dry spot in case of a sudden downpour and no worries if your unit happens to fall on the snow-covered ground. One can anticipate the flashes of severe weather 24/7 through Automatic alerts via NOAA Weather Alert Radio which can be programmed to receive signals for the same. Midland Radio model LXT480VP3 also boasts of a weather scan that offers alerts in your area.

The Need Of An SOS Was Never So Important

Life is always under threat in such wild detours. There is always a fear of you tumbling down the terrain, an accidental shooting happening or a sudden animal attack. The Midland GXT 1000VP4 helps you in such a situation as all your rescue needs are met at the touch of a button. A distress/locator signal helps in saving precious time. Unlike the LXT480VP3, the Midland can warn you of any possible threats as it continuously checks channels for any such activity. It also saves you the stress of carrying an external microphone as it is built with eVox which enables easy voice activation.

Style And Comfort With The Midland Radio

The Midland GXT model 1000VP4 is light in weight, weighing only 0.3 pounds and doesn’t add to your baggage. On the other hand, the GXT model 785VP3 weighs 1.5 pounds and comes in a stylish cameo shell that matches the scenery. Most Midland Radio products run with the support of AA batteries. It is unbelievable though how such a small piece of equipment offers such amazing clarity when it comes to communication with others. The Midland Radio Model GXT1000VP4 with measurements of 9.75 x 2.5 x 1.75 inches easily fits into any jacket pocket.

The Midland Radio is blessed with features which were once unheard of in all the devices related to communicating with each other in an outdoor/remote activity. Blocked airways, multiple channels, weather condition alerts, and a convenient size sets you free of all your worries related to severe weather conditions and other natural hazards. It gives your sense of adventure a new meaning.

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