Midland GXT1000vp4 review

Midland GXT1000vp4

Motorola developed Midland GXT1000VP4, for short-range communication which is essentially seen with the law enforcement, medical offices, baby monitors, etc. Let us have a deeper look at the features, pros, and cons of this walkie-talkie device.


  • Extremely lightweight makes it easy to carry anywhere.
  • The audio quality is very good, and the signal reception technology has to be specially mentioned here.
  • It suits for rough usage also, and the build quality is awesome.
  • Even if you use it for a long time also, you won’t face any discomfort.


  • The price of this set is somewhat high when compared with the other models available.
  • The set is equipped with so many controls. Therefore, the startup walkie-talkie users may face some problems in using it. Many users who are already using this device faced this problem.
  • One may face heavy battery drain after using it for two to three years.
  • VOX button can become a turn-off.

Unique Features


This set is perfect for long-range communication, one can use it for a maximum range of 50 kilometers (no obstacles region), and this itself proves the capacity of this model. Along with the usual 22 communication channels present in the walkie-talkies, this set is equipped with 28 more communication channels so that user can select a channel according to his liking. This ensures more privacy to the users also.

Battery life

The manufacturers took extreme care in this aspect and apart from the regular rechargeable batteries each device can also work with four standard AA batteries, and you can use this option if you don’t have an option to recharge. This facility is rarely seen in the walkie-talkies. One can even select the power settings (high, medium, and low) from the menu so that the battery life can be increased. These devices charge very fast, and one can charge them with desktop charger or the AC adapter given. The battery life extender option increases the battery life when the devices are in standby mode.


  • The automatic scan function displays all the active channels, and you can choose the channel you want to communicate.
  • The effective noise cancellation, which uses squelch technology, is limited to a few walkie-talkie sets only and this set is one of them.
  • Similar to a mobile phone, one can lock the device after selecting the settings.
  • You can use this set in the drizzling or (small) rainy environment also as it has JIS4 waterproof rating.
  • You can use this device in the nighttime also with ease, as it is equipped with LCD.
  • Whisper mode is an innovative idea. After enabling this option, even if the speaker whispers the listener can hear it clearly with full volume.
  • This set is perfect for tourist camp organizers, during events like a treasure hunt, trekking, etc. One can use this set for a minimum of five years, and you will not face any problem even after this span has passed. Extremely durable and a sturdy log life is what this talkie has to offer.

Customer reviews

The range on this Midland GXT1000VP4, like a lot of the other walkie-talkies available, has been exaggerated when I got to use it. I managed to get 6 miles out of it when I tried listening to other users who were far away from me on a 14,000-foot mountain. Of course, add the fact that there were any obstacles or obstructions between us. If I use it in the city or any other enclosed space, the range is limited even more.

I used to own a lower powered version of this that I used for a couple of years before one of the radios died. I was able to save the batteries of those and was able to use them with these. It’s a good thing that most Midland radios use the same rechargeable batteries. But you must make sure you carry around at least four alkaline batteries if you aren’t able to get to a power source for more than a day. If you take it out when you go camping, I’ll suggest you create a timetable so you can extend these walkie-talkies’ battery life.

I also noticed that this mobile radio features excellent channel security, whether with just another person or with a group. With a huge number of privacy choices, you are almost 100% guaranteed not to hear others not in your party on the same channel.

I like how handy the headsets can be when I go out fishing or hunting. I’ve been using two-way radios like this for over 40 years and those I used before used to be as big and as heavy as bricks. I like how this is state-of-the-art and light and has good clips. It is definitely among the best currently available on the market.

I live on a 52-acre land, and I have boys who like to go out swimming in the pond or go wandering off in the woods when it’s summer. I have them each takes a radio because I’d never really know if they get separated, or if an emergency happens, or if I need them to come home. I am guaranteed always to get them on the radio.

Since they’re 9 and 11 years old, they don’t own mobile phones. Plus, there is the cool factor when it comes to using mobile radios in the woods instead of a cell phone. I also take mobile radios for trips and car-to-car communication. I like the experience of talking to someone over a two-way radio as compared to a regular mobile phone.


I was able to test the water- and splash-resistant capacity of the Midland GXT1000VP4 and true enough still got them to work. One was knocked off the dock and ended up in the pond. It had remained underwater for approximately 30 minutes, and while it didn’t work at first, I took it home, took it apart, and let the radio dry thoroughly. I was able to make it work with a newly charged set of batteries the next day. In another instance, it fell off a boat and, unfortunately, we weren’t able to find it. I wouldn’t mind it if they made these products float. That would make a great feature for this.

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