Midland G7 review

Midland G7

The walkie-talkie of the present generation Mainland G7 comes in a compact packing, and the metal frame adds extra beauty to its physical appearance. It uses advanced radio communication technology for uninterrupted communication.



The manufactures took extreme care in the noise cancellation technology. One can use this walkie-talkie in the noisy environment like public concerts, marriage ceremonies, meetings, rallies, etc. and in quiet places like libraries, bedrooms with equal ease. It operates on the 477MHz band (which is a universal free band), and one need not buy any license to work with this walkie-talkie. The communication between the two sets is smooth and unbreakable as Midland G7 uses two-way radio transceivers. When the two devices are within the range of communication, there is no chance of missing a single word or call.

Battery performance

Midland G7 walkie-talkie devices are equipped with intelligent battery saving system. The auto power saving function can surely help in increasing the battery life as the device uses 50% of normal battery usage when this mode is turned on. Similar to mobile phones, this device also has a vibrate option and when the noise is too high, and you are not in a position to hear the ringtone; you can use this option as it alerts you about the call or any other notification. This walkie-talkie also has a small LED display that uses minimum battery power but gives various notifications like signal strength, the activity level of radios, etc.

Using the device

All the controls of operation and usage are centrally mounted under the LCD. Equipped with twin pole jack for Mic and advanced speaker system; this set is a real pleasure to use. It has five selectable tones for the call, and one can even select the vibration mode also as already mentioned. Options like a dual watch, channel scan made this set extremely user-friendly, and anyone with little experience with the walkie-talkie can use it without any problem.

Cons of this model

  • This model is designed for short-range communication only, i.e., less than 10 kilometers in open area and if any obstacles present you will not get efficient communication after 3-4kms.
  • The battery is of just 800mAh capacity, and it is below the standards when compared with the other walkie-talkie models present in the same range.
  • The weight of each device is greater than 1 pound, and this can be a decisive factor if one wants to use this for a long time.

Extra Features:

  • The communication through this set of devices is secure as it uses eight PMR 446 channel with 38 CTCSS subtone channels.
  • The high-low power selection option helps in saving battery life.
  • The battery indicator notifies when the battery reaches the minimum level.
  • This is the perfect communication device in construction sites, large stadiums, buildings, and hotels and even in farms. This is economical also like the price of this set is comparatively low when compared with other walkie-talkie sets available in the market these days. A great performance within a decent budget makes the walkie-talkie a worth buy.

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