How Many Walkie Talkies Can Be on the Same Channel?

If you have never used, held, or seen at least, a walkie-talkie before, then you missed out on the cool stuff before cell phones came in the 1980s and ’90s. Walkie talkies are used for communication until now. You can commonly see them used by security personnel, policemen, and more. They can be used for short distances.

What is a Walkie Talkie?

A walkie-talkie is a radio. But unlike your ordinary radio where you can only hear music by receiving radio waves, you can speak to another person on the same channel because it can also transmit. However, remember that it can only do one function at a time. That is why you have to say “over” after you speak to signal that you are done speaking, and the other person on the line can start talking if he/she needs to. In other words, you cannot listen and speak at the same time.

How Do You Use a Walkie Talkie?

If you wish to speak, press the Push-To-Talk button (PTT), and the loudspeaker will double up as a microphone. While you speak, the walkie-talkie will be silent. Remember, it can function only as a transmitter or a receiver at a time.

Walkie talkies are perfect for giving out instructions to a group of people within a short range of distance. It is perfect for camping, and other group activities which are held in places out of telephone coverage, like in the mountains, or forests. People who use walkie-talkies to communicate tune to the same channel. As long as all people in the group are tuned to the same channel, and, more importantly, within the range of coverage, they can communicate effectively using walkie-talkies. In other words, you can use as many walkie-talkies you want to be on the same channel.

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