Garmin Rino review

This product is an improvised version among the five models of the Rino line, which gives you the option of having more space by providing the users with an SD card slot. This device has a very compact antenna, making it effortlessly portable. One would be able to operate on 22 channels; nevertheless, you would require a legal license to operate between 15 and 22 channels.

Rino has a very attractive feature; it enables you to track your peers through the peer-to-peer tracking capability. Helps you navigate with ease, beneficial for somebody who is always on the go. Rino is extremely user friendly and once you get your hands on it, you would learn the controls in no time, the functionality of the device is sure to make you be satisfied with the money spent. Rino is robust and is weather and waterproof, you would not have to worry about protecting it from weather conditions.


  • 2 way radio and GPS tracking and mapping in one unit
  • Rubber substantial coating, that makes it water proof
  • Additional storage capacity with SD Card Slot
  • Polling facility , where in you know the location of all the Rino users on your map
  • Weather Radio
  • Smart design
  • Ideal for a group of users
  • Auto power off
  • Rechargeable battery with AA option
  • Easy to use
  • Wide Screen
  • Good battery life
  • Touchscreen
  • Removable Storage (SD Card)
  • Good Compass
  • Quick satellite acquisition


  • Communication range low
  • Mediocre docs
  • Polling not that great
  • No training program offered

General information

This walkie-talkie is perfectly sturdy, and strong, perfect for all kinds of adventure sports. The touch is amazing and you notice that they are the high-end version of Garmin. Garmin can pull off any kind of conviction. Yes, this device bears far too many hallmarks of its predecessor versions. There are perceptibly some other new smart features, as well as some old favorites of Garmin. A cosmetic upgrade has definitely been made from the previous versions. The polling facility was a great idea from Garmin and is sure to be a huge hit among the users. Durability of the product is much appreciated.


Extremely quick and intuitive, A big thumbs up to the fact that this device is waterproof and works perfect in any weather condition making it even more special. A completely new level of functionality enhances the experience of a user. An amazing way to get things done in style and the price that it is being sold at is great!

Key specifications:

  • Brand: Garmin
  • Battery: 16 Hours of Battery (Decent number of hours)
  • Channels: 22 channels available (15-22 License required)
  • Coverage: 3 km (May vary with respect to terrain)
  • Model: Garmin Rino 650
  • Type: Wireless
  • Jack Type: Single Pin for the headset jack
  • Battery type:  Lithium Ion batteries
  • Height: 13
  • Width: 4.6
  • Weight with battery: 292gm (inclusive of the batteries)
  • Ideal for: Trekking, Vacations, Skiing, amusement park, treasure hunt activities, retail, and manufacturing, events.
  • Special Feature: a Full color map that enables you to send your exact location details with the aid of GPS waterproof and is made up of durable rubber substantial.
  • Price range: Ranges between $350- $480

Customer reviews:

The last time our group went kayaking, out of utter need, we picked up a Garmin Rino 120, a GPS cum Walkie-Talkie. In the past, I had held a Garmin Legend but realized I could do away with it and own a combo tool which could offer me both communication and navigation feature at an extra cost.

It proved to be worth its weight, as it not only offered the standard features of a radio as well as the navigation of a GPS device. And using it comprehensively over the weekend, meant the money well spent. In addition to all this, there are some extra functions which are unique to a Garmin Rino. The Odometer was a surprise feature which helped us time our progress, adjust speed and control break point.

The unique buddy-to-buddy reference positioning system helped us stay together when we are sailing far and away, as it helped track the location of other people. We could easily manage the food and camping timings with the help of this device as we could draw out ETA’s of the others in the group. I could not exploit and know all the features of this gadget but could draw out the pros and cons of whatever I laid my hands on this unit.

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