Can Walkie Talkies Cause Cancer?

Walkie-talkies, if you have not used, held, or at least seen, one, are used in communication when there were no cell phones yet. They were used before the 1980s and are still being used by some today. Why? Because they do not need mobile telephone network coverage whatsoever to operate. They use radio waves to send signals in the speed of light so that communication happens real time.

First, What is a Walkie Talkie and How Does It Work?

Walkie talkies are two-way radios, but unlike your ordinary radios, they perform two functions: receiving and transmitting. What your radio does is it receives signals from different stations. Thus, you hear music or the news. You cannot talk to another person through radios. With walkie talkies, you can talk to another person. You can even talk to a dozen more if all of you are tuned in to the same channel.

Walkie talkies have loudspeakers that also acts as a microphone when you press the Push-To-Talk (PTT) button. You cannot listen and talk at the same time, so you say the word “over” to signal that you are finished talking and that someone else can start speaking.

What Could Be Harmful About Walkie Talkies?

It has not been scientifically established that walkie-talkies, or any other device that uses radio waves for that matter, can cause cancer. These devices, including cell phones, WIFI, and more, emit electromagnetic field (also called electromagnetic radiation) or EMF that is believed to be very harmful.

The National Research Council (NRC) has been researching on the connection of EMF in homes (meaning EMF from common devices including walkie-talkies) and cancer but has found no conclusive results so far. Nevertheless, many studies are still being conducted.

Remember, EMF from our devices are very weak that it cannot affect you so much, so you do not need to worry your exposure to walkie-talkies and other devices for that matter.

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