Baofeng Bf-888S Review

A two-way radio, walkie-talkie, and high illumination flashlight all in one is indeed great for a quality long or close ranges communication. This comes with a time-out timer and a torchlight. It is a bit difficult to get good radios with reasonable price. Radios can be an aggressive and sound scramble. Worse, there is a chance of the handheld radio being unworthy if it can no longer be used after a few years. This is almost outstanding as this is well-built and programmable to the user’s convenience.


Getting more value than what you paid for makes this radio one edge better than other radios in the market. The make, the buttons, and the controls are sturdy enough which makes it stand the test of time and it is likely to stay for a couple of years. You even need not worry about it getting wet as its rugged look can manage drop, drips, and even scratches. This is good indoors just as it is reliable outdoors.


Due to the almost perfect feature of Baofeng Bf-888S, the only complaint anybody can make out of this product is the programming procedure which they find tricky. However, if you have been engaged or you have an idea of how two-way radios are configured, it is likely, you will find this a perfect communication accomplice. This can deal with hilly or woody location provided it is within its bandwidth.


Given a few technical programming necessary to have the radio start, the rest are all highly commendable. With this, there are no worries of the handset falling and breaking off everything that’s inside, so it eventually becomes useless. The radio is durably made, and you can say that you paid a product you so well deserve. Moreover, there are various frequencies that you can set the unit into which is essential in cases of emergency.

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